Industry solutions



Accelerated Dynamics has developed AI system to manage robots and IoT devices that scales really well across numerous industries. Our system is designed to be platform agnostic, therefore it is compatible with major

commercially available robotic systems. Get in touch with us to discuss your use-case, what robots you want to use and we will optimise our interfaces to suit your particular needs.



An autonomous drone-based security solution to alleviate the lack of human resources in this industry for perimeter surveillance or periodic inspections. This involves integrating knowledge from sensors on the ground such as radars and motion detectors with drones, to detect and track intruders and provide immediate response for perimeter breaches.


Want to use drones for precision farming but having battery issues? Using our system, you can fly multiple drones at the same time and cover large fields in a fraction of the time by distributing tasks among each of the drones.

Border Patrol

In the face of a worsening border crisis, the way forward is to support the ‘finite’ number of border patrol agents along the frontier with multiple patrol drones to provide real-time video feedback.


A warehouse-like management system for delivery drones to coordinate tasks and schedule deliveries based on destination, battery life and other priorities.

Humanitarian Relief

The time and resources of well-trained emergency services is always at a premium when disasters such as earthquakes occur, and deploying human first responders into hazardous environments is not without risk. In such a scenario, it would greatly increase the efficiency of a rescue operation to have a swarm of drones survey the affected areas.


Inspect and monitor offshore rigs, pipelines, storage tanks, wind turbines, solar farms and other infrastructure with the click of a few buttons. With the right sensors strapped to the drones, there is a lot of data and information that can be gathered to enable better maintenance and decision-making.


Use of robotic vehicles at mining and construction sites to tackle lack of human resources is the order of the day. Guide your ground vehicles through drones, which can map, track and provide live updates. Automate the whole process.


Use our software to manage and coordinate your fleet of unmanned assets such as unmanned boats or other ground or aerial vehicles to provide better network coverage and communications or swap one asset with another autonomously in case of a fault or any other problem.


By attaching a camera onto the drone police can get a bird's eye view of a crime situation or a rescue operation without having to rent a helicopter or put themselves at risk. With our system drones can be a powerful surveillance tool carrying camera systems capable of facial recognition and thermal imaging.

Custom Solutions

We work closely with our clients to ensure that specific mission requirements are met. Mission Manager is a highly flexible software tool powered by an AI which incoportaes IoT with robotics to automate complex processes and save costs.