Our AI system controls robot fleets for you

Command & Control software for all types of unmanned assets

How Does It Work?

Define your mission goals

Our system works with mission goals and autoselects best tasks for drones to do to achieve those goals. Define your parameters, such as areas where drones work, type of operation - periodic, on demand, or constant, and select the assets (drones, sensors) you have.

Next choose the goal, such as track moving objects in the selected area until further notice, or inspect the area as quickly as possible or etc. The AI module will plan best actions for robots and will allow you to observe and guide the autonomous missions.

Unlimited sensor and platform integration

Working closely with the customer, our engineers will integrate any unmanned platforms required, such as fixed-wing or quad-copter planes, ground vehicles,

unmanned boats, etc. Furthermore, we will incorporate all external Internet of Things devices that will help the robots to complete the missions.

User interface designed for ease of use

Part of our solution is intuitive user interface that enables non-specialists to control any number of drones/robots simultaneously. End-user does not need any special training to unlock the full potential of unmanned systems.

Our interface reduces the information flow from all of the connected devices and shows only critical data to help user make decision quicker. Furthermore, flexible autonomy gives the user control over autonomy levels allowing to take over full control at any time.

Coordination and planning

Accelerated Dynamics Mission Manager enables robot decision making and planning in the presence of uncertainty in complex and dynamic environments. Our Artificial Intelligence module guides robots using state of the art planning and reinforcement learning algorithms, thus enabling reasoning effectively in the presence of uncertainty, by taking into account risks,

constrains and primary mission objectives. As in any system comprising multiple parts, multiple robots can act more effectively as a team rather than in isolation. Mission Manager ensures coordination and negotiation between robots, to decide which ones should be assigned to which tasks to ensure that their combined resources are used to their best advantage.